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Biodegradable Polystyrene Foam

Biodegradable Polystyrene Foam

Our additives are engineered to help your products oxo-biodegrade at the end of their designated planned life-cycle. Our signature additives can be added to most resins. Our products have been third party tested and certified as safe for use in food and beverage packaging.

Expanded Foam

1. PDQ-H

PDQ-H is a non-toxic additive which does not contain regulated heavy metals. PDQ-H is currently being used in food contact applications worldwide.

Using the oxo-biodegradation process, time, ambient heat, and/or UV light, will oxidize the plastic. Oxidation reduces the molecular weight of the plastic and allows for oxygen containing functional groups to form within the polymer. This allows microorganisms to further biodegrade the polymer once it has been disposed of.

Advantages of Using PDQ-H

  • PDQ-H is aggressive in degrading multi-layer film
  • PDQ-H is an additive; only 1% - 3% by weight is required
  • PDQ-H can be used in clear film
  • Moisture is not a problem with PDQ-H
  • Degradation rate can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the loading
  • No process or equipment changes are required when using PDQ-H

Different types of resins oxo-biodegrade at different rates. WRP has developed a number of oxo-biodegradable additives that will work with most resins. By using our in-house laboratory, we are committed to helping you find the WRP additive that meets your application requirements. If you don't see your product/application in the above section, or are unclear as to which additive will work best for you, please contact our technical department or the distributor nearest you.