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Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic Additives & Resins

Willow Ridge Plastics is proud to offer industry leading OXO- Biodegradable additives for all your plastic manufacturing projects. From takeout containers to custom shopping bags, WRP has what you need to make your product environmentally friendly. You can visit our applications page to leave about the various products currently using Oxo-Biodegradable additives.

Willow Ridge Plastic's OXO Biodegradable additives act as a catalyst in the breakdown of plastic materials by naturally speeding up the process. To help leave a positive global footprint in the environment, WRP's additives are not sourced from food stocks, such as corn, and do not require water to break down. A product with our additives will convert petroleum by-products into natural organic waste (water, carbon dioxide, and humus). At only 1-3% of your products total composition, additives from WRP are seamlessly added during the production phase without altering any original characteristics of your product.

Oxo-Biodegradable Additives Application & Materials

In 2011, only 8% of the plastic waste generated in the United States, was recovered for recycling. This is up from 7.1% in 2009. 31 million tons of plastic waste was generated in 2010, representing 12.4% of total material solid waste (MSW) generated in the United States. Americans will throw away over 25,000,000,000 Styrofoam cups per year. A form of plastic generally not collected for recycling but can be oxo-biodegradable. Over 75% of total material solid waste is recyclable (including plastic, paper, glass, metal, Etc.), but only 30% is recycled. Organic materials contribute 30% of total volume to California landfills - 2/3 or more is encapsulated in some form of plastic bags or packaging. Because of the amount of plastic encapsulation, it does not allow the organic materials to become biodegradable to the microorganisms found inside. Each one of these statistics can be vastly impacted by increasing the usage of oxo-biodegradable materials with the existing plastic applications that are commonly found in the disposal waste streams.

Our biodegradable plastic additives can be used in various plastic materials including:

  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • Polyethylene (PE)

The Willow Ridge Plastics' Difference

In addition to stocking naturally derived additives, our experts will certify your products against the latest ASTM/global standards right form our on-site laboratory to ensure proven oxo-biodegradability. To keep our additives working effectively, WRP does not stockpile additive inventories, making each order a fresh batch.

For over 25 years, Willow Ridge Plastics scientists have been globally driving standards for the industry, government agencies, and various oxo-biodegradable certifications. Our additives have gone through extensive biodegradation testing to help you rest assured that any product leaving our factory is the best in the industry and the best for your company.

Biodegradation testing is a simulation of degraded plastic that is exposed to real world conditions with the goal being to measure CO2 output from microorganisms over time. Willow Ridge Plastics has done extensive third-party testing on all our products. For ISO accredited biodegradation analysis, WRP partnered with BIO ENSAIOS out of Porto Alegre, Brazil. Bio ENSAIOS conducted ASM D6954 under good laboratory guidelines. The results of the study showed that the negative controls outlined by the X markers exhibited absolutely no biodegradation activity over time. The positive control outlined by the diamond markers proved that the system was exhibiting biodegradation and our test material outlined with the square lines and triplicate exhibited a similar trend in biodegradation to the positive control, defining our material as biodegradable.

biodegredation test

At the conclusion of the biodegradation analysis, BIO ENSAIOS pulled samples of the plant plastic particle from the test material. The pictures on the right show the negative control under microscopic conditions and you can clearly see that there is no microbial activity found on the surface of the negative control. Under the same magnification conditions, the sample pictures below show the degraded plastic materials with our technology having microorganism colonies thrive and live on the surface of the degraded plastics.

Biodegredation Microscope Biodegredation Microscope

BIO ENSAIOS went a step further by taking electron microscope pictures showing the surface and even more detail of the oxo-biodegradable plastics and the microorganism colonies living on the surface.

Biodegredation Microscope Image

By scaling in a little closer, we can all see how the microorganism colonies are thriving on the surface of oxo-biodegradable plastic. This is the source of the biodegradation.

Biodegredation Microscope Image

For more information about our distribution network,  manufacturing, laboratory capabilities and services, please contact us.