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Benefits of OXO Biodegradable Products

WRP's additives turn plastic into a green and enviromentally friendly product.

Using WRP's additives is a simple and effective way of helping to control waste issues.  Acting as a catalyst, WRP's additives simply speed up a natural process of breaking down plastic - allowing the product to break down in a few years rather than thousands.

Our additives will help leave a positive global footprint in the enviroment.  WRP additives are not sourced from food stocks, such as corn, and do not require water to break down.  A product made with our additives will convert petroleum by-products into natural organic waste (water, carbon dioxide, and humus).

Proven oxo-biodegradability.  WRP's experts will help certify your products against the latest ASTM/global standards in our on-site laboratory.

Freshly-made batches of additive.  WRP does not stockpile additive inventories and makes each order fresh.

Complete, on-time orders.  WRP has in-house production and full control of its capacity.  No outsourcing means you know where your product is coming from.

Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness.  A WRP additive is typically only 1-3% of your total composition, is added seamlessly into your production line and requires no compensating cost to retain the originally intended characteristics of your product.

Unsurpassed Technical Expertise.  For over 25 years, WRP scientists have been globally driving standards for the industry, government agencies and oxo-biodegradable certification.

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