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Please identify the exact polymer material from which the final product is to be made.

Please provide information on the polymer composition of the final product.

Resin Grade/Supplier (e.g. HDPE, LLDPE, PP etc.)
Material Typem (Copolymer/Homopolymer etc.)
Blend Contribution (if applicable)
Density (g/cm3)

Does the final product contain recycled material? If so how much and from what source? It is important to state whether any and if so what proportion of OXO-BIODEGRADABLE recycled material will be included.

Material Type (Resin)
Source/Origin (Internal, post industrial etc.)
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Additives can have a very significant effect on the performance. Stabilizers such as antioxidants or UV absorbers in the base film can slow down the degradation response while certain types of pigments can accelerate breakdown. It is important that you provide information on the additive composition of the product since it needs to be considered in specifying the most appropriate additive for the final product.
Type Content (%)
Mineral Filler (e.g. Chalk/Talc etc.)
Colour pigment (e.g.Titanium Dioxide/Carbon Black)
UV Absorber/Stabiliser (e.g. HALS)
Antioxidant (e.g. Irganox, Irgaphos etc.)
Lubricant (e.g. calcium stearate etc.)
Others (please identify))

Manufacturing Process

An understanding of the manufacturing process is very important in specifying the correct additive. Process factors such as high temperatures, high sheer rates and output rates or secondary heat-pass operations need to be considered in specifying an additive.
Process Description (Please describe the processing route, providing descriptions of equipment, scale of process, output rate etc.)
Primary Process Temperatures (Please give typical temperature profile range e.g. 160-220ļC))
Secondary Thermal Operations (e.g. Shrink Tunnel, Heat-Sealing, Welding, Printing etc. Please outline process and temperature history/residence time)
Storage conditions (Please provide details of the intended storage, transport and usage conditions of the finished product including temperatures, packaging, timescale, etc.)

Additional Information

Please provide any additional information that you think useful.

Health And Safety

The degradation responses of submitted samples are usually tested by accelerated UV and thermal aging.

Please provide information on any component within the product that could be considered hazardous during long term exposure to temperatures in excess of 60¬ļC. Please provide a Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) for the product/component..