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What is Oxo-Biodegradable?

Oxo-biodegradable refers to the process of reforming plastic products into fuel to feed microorganisms. WRP additives promotes oxidation, leading to the molecular break down of plastic. Microbial organisms, found in our everyday lives, complete the biodegradation process by metabolizing the remaining polymer structure as food.


What are the outcomes of Oxo-Biodegradability?

After biodegradation, all that is left is the microbial byproducts of CO2, Water, and Biomass (Humus).


Is it safe?

Yes. WRP additives have been extensively tested by third party labs for contact with food and beverages. WRP additives do not carry any regulated heavy metals and is nontoxic.


How long will it take for my plastic product to degrade?

Every product will vary on how long it takes to oxo-biodegrade. Degradation varies on a number of different factors. Finding the right WRP product and loading rate is key to helping you determine your products engineered life-span. WRP scientists are available for consultation and testing is encouraged.


How much does testing cost for my plastic product?

Our lab was developed to help our customers find the additive and loading rate that works best for them. Testing is conducted for all customers and potential customers. All testing is conducted in-house. Upon completion, our lab will send a full report on your submitted plastic product.


What if I can’t find my product on the Find a Product Page?

Our Find a Product page was designed to be an all encompassing guide for finding the WRP additive that will work best for each category. If your specific application isn’t listed, please contact WRP or the distributor nearest you. We are always identifying new applications for our products and are here to work closely with you to tailor our product for your specific needs.


How much will it cost?

WRP additives require a low loading rate to achieve a high added value effect. Customer costs are minimal, as opposed to competing technologies. Our worldwide network of distributors are on hand to work personally with you. Please contact your local distributor for pricing in your area.


What advantages do WRP additives have over competing technologies?

Our technology is additive based and our customers are not locked into using 100% of a new type of resin. This eliminates the need for additional processing and handling equipment that other technologies may require.

WRP additives are not hypersensitive to moisture. Thereby, our additives will not contribute to moisture sensitivity issues.

Willow Ridge Plastics Oxo-Biodegradable technology does not preclude any existing disposal methods.

Initial physical properties of products will be maintained.


Do I need to sign a long term contract?

WRP does not require any form of a contract and there are no minimum order requirements.


How do I get started?

The first step is to find the WRP distributor nearest you. Please consult our world map to help make your first contact.  WRP will then assist you in finding the right additive and loading rate for your plastic product. We encourage anyone who may be interested in using WRP additives to take full advantage of our state-of-the-art laboratory to do all your oxo-biodegradable product testing. Begin here.