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Why Oxo-biodegradable?
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Why Oxo-biodegradable?

Plastics have historically been an indispensable part of our daily lives. Reusable, low cost, and light weight are just some of the characteristics that make plastic so attractive compared to durable products that perform the same function.




Easy to Incorporate into Production

No special techniques or handling of product is required because our additives are treated just like color additives. There is no need for capital investment in new equipment.


Cost Effective

Our customers have the ability to cost effectively add value of oxo-biodegradability to their plastic products.  When using a biopolymer or starch based material, amounts may vary between 25% to 100%. WRP additives can achieve the same results at a minimal cost, using only 1% to 3% loading.



Our additives are completely recyclable, thus allowing consumers to continue to support recycling and oxo-biodegradable products at the same time. WRP supports recycling of plastic products whenever it's available.


Multiple Disposal Methods

Willow Ridge Plastics oxo-biodegradable technology does not preclude any existing disposal methods. Where the recycling infrastructure is not established, WRP additives provide the ability to oxo-biodegrade in a number of different disposal environments.


Environmentally Friendly

WRP additives are environmentally friendly. Our additives are non toxic and contain no regulated heavy metals.  The footprint of disposable plastic is reduced in landfills when oxo-biodegradable technology is incorporated.


Meet Worldwide Government Mandated Requirements

The number of countries implementing plastic related environmental standards is continually growing. WRP additives meet the requirements of various government agencies for product sale and use.