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Biodegradable Film, Packaging & Cups


Willow Ridge's PDQ and OXOTERRA brands of degradable products can be used to shorten the lifecycle of Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), and Polystyrene (PS) plastic applications. Our lab technicians in our in-house laboratory are testing new and inventive ways to make plastic environmentally friendly. The growing list of products made by responsibly using our additive is constantly growing. Add your product to the list today.

Bag Applications:

Shopping bags, Grocery Bags, Dog Park Bags, Newspaper bags, garbage bags and bin liners

Film Applications:

Cling film, Shrink Wrap, Air pillows, Pallet wrap, Bubble Wrap, bed bug mattress covers, dry cleaning bags, playing card covers,


Mulch Bags, Mulch covers, agriculture film, garden stakes, bale liners, seedling cups, agricultural netting, weed eater string.

Food Packaging / containers:

Plastic utensils, Plastic bread bags, frozen food packaging containers, zip lock bags, plastic cups, plates, straws, Easter grass, milk cartons, school lunch trays, Clam shell containers, take out containers, bowls, Styrofoam coolers.

Caps and Closures:

Bottle Caps, plastic rings, Shampoo lids/bottles, sippy cup lids, Detergent bottles and lids,

Unique Items:

Shot gun wads, tooth brushes, paint balls, golf tees and ball markers, Plastic strapping

Biodegradable Film, Packaging & Cups
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