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2-in-1 Biodegradable Plastic Lab Testing & Manufacturing

Willow Ridge Plastics is the only manufacturing facility of oxo-biodegradable additives in the world with a fully staffed state-of-the-art test laboratory on-site.  Our R & D technical professionals are available 24/7 for consultation.  Here are some tests our scientists can perform for you to provide proof of product degradability:

  • Additive concentration levels
  • Heavy metal analysis
  • Accelerated thermal testing
  • Accelerated UV testing
  • Biodegradation testing

We work with regulatory agencies to help establish local government standards- both in the United States and abroad. Our high quality system is certified by independent audits to ISO 9001:2015.

By manufacturing all additives on-site, WRP delivers consistent product with every order. With our new production line, we have increased capacity to meet growing global demand.  Our manufacturing services include:

  • Customizable specs
  • Fresh orders
  • Shipping within 2 weeks

Eco Friendly Plastic Research

A recognized green business, WRP has received many green awards and accolades.  Our most recent award came from Cincinnati (Ohio) Business Courier in 2013.  Let WRP provide you with all the testing and production resources you need to make your plastic product green! 

We will Make your Plastic Rust!